Expert and cost-effective services for the publishing industry

About IPAC

IPAC is an association of like-minded, independent businesses that work for and within the book industry. It offers a diverse and comprehensive list of services for publishers, authors, booksellers, agents and many others involved in the book world.

IPAC members support and connect with each other, sharing knowledge and contacts, recognising that collectively they can be better.

Why join?

  • Attend IPAC networking events – meet and connect with other members, identify partnership opportunities and expand your understanding of other skills and disciplines (with a drink, of course!).
  • Take advantage of easy communications between members using Slack – ask other members for help, share knowledge, contacts, invite them to events and more.
  • Have your company profile listed on the IPAC website.
  • Take advantage of exhibiting at the London Book Fair on IPAC’s shared stand. Other exhibition and conference opportunities are in development. Please note that additional costs will apply but these are heavily discounted to IPAC members.
  • Discounted subscription to – 25% off annual subscriptions for IPAC members.
  • Media partnership with Bookbrunch – add your key people to a database of possible experts and columnists. Gain exposure for your company and its stars.
  • IN DEVELOPMENT Generate revenue by participating in IPAC-organised training events, boutique conferences and networking events.

Membership criteria

IPAC is open to individuals, companies, and distinct business units of larger organisations which are primarily focused on delivering services to the book‑publishing sector, including publishers, authors, literary agents and associated organisations. Members should be based in the UK or Ireland, and we welcome applications from businesses in all parts of the supply chain. Applications for membership are subject to approval by the IPAC board.

Membership costs

Here’s the annual cost for membership, based on the size of your organisation:

Freelance or one-person business – £199

Small team
2–5 directors and employees – £299

Medium team
6–20 directors and employees – £599

Large team*
21+ directors and employees – £1,299

* If the application is for a business unit within a larger company, then only count the number of full-time employees of that business unit focused on the publishing sector.

Apply to join

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